‘Time to Think’

by | May 22, 2019 | Coaching, leadership, management

Having recently completed a ‘Time to Think’ training programme, I am struck by the importance of ‘place’ when having conversations that matter.

The location chosen (or not chosen) can convey a busy, rushed feeling, or indeed a more thoughtful one. Our ‘Time to Think’ programme was located in a beautiful venue. One of the more extraordinary moments of the 2 days was when I experienced a five-minute coaching session that felt like an hour. The environment and attentive listening led to a wonderful feeling of spaciousness.

My take-aways from the programme are two-fold:
– interruptions in the ‘Time to Think’ model are considered an ‘act of violence’. That might sound rather dramatic, but it now serves as a daily reminder to me when I am tempted to interrupt.
– Choosing an appropriate place for important conversations can transform those conversations.