Podcast 3 – Diversity and Inclusion and Psychological Safety

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Podcasts

Welcome to Episode 3 of this Resonate Leadership Podcast series. In this episode, we explore the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in ‘fearless conversations’.

We are really grateful to Noel Gavin, SVP of Northern Trust Corporation, who shared his personal experience of Diversity and Inclusion and psychological safety.

Some of his thoughts that really landed with us include:

‘Everybody has a right to privacy but no-one should be forced into secrecy’

‘If I have to divert some mental energy and physical energy creating a façade … if I have to invest energy in being that person [the organisational norm] and not being myself, you’re absolutely not getting what you signed up for with me’

There are so many aspects to diversity and inclusion and we have just looked at it from one perspective. It makes us think more about the experience of those who are neurodiverse, with different forms of disability etc. – each with unique sets of strengths and challenges ‘fitting in’. How can we create teams that enable everyone to thrive?

We really hope you find this thought-provoking also!

Feel free to email us your questions and comments and we would be delighted to address these thoughts in later podcasts. If you would like to explore how to enhance psychological safety in your organisation or team, please do get in touch.

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