Some of the services we offer

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

    Leadership and Executive Coaching

    One-to-one coaching provides a space for you to think out loud about your business and /or personal goals and reflect in a supportive yet challenging coaching environment.  Our approach is solution-focused.

    Opportunities for Executive or Leadership coaching may include:

    -transitioning into a new role

    -leading organisational change

    -increasing leadership agility and impact which may include for example leadership agility 360 coaching (leveraging the ChangeWise leadership agility 360 tool followed by tailored coaching based on the outcomes of the 360).

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    Team Coaching: Is your team performing to its highest potential?
    We at Resonate Leadership recognise the challenge faced in building and sustaining a high performing team.  Our approach is practical, well researched and results proven. It can be used to diagnose team functioning, make specific recommendations on launching new teams, or improve the performance of more established teams through systemic team coaching.

    Systemic Team coaching is ‘a process by which a team coach works with a whole team  both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help them improve both their collective performance and how they work together, and also how they develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business’.

    (Hawkins, 2012)

    Testimonial: Eadine and her colleagues led a series of workshops that provided the whole team an opportunity to reflect on our shared values. As a result, every member of our team has a renewed sense of purpose and are invested in playing their part in the development of the organisation. There is a much stronger understanding of what success looks like. Our sense of identity is felt in all communications. Eadine and her colleagues were extraordinary facilitators.


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  • Ignite your Career

    Ignite your Career

    Group Programme: In partnership with a UK consultancy, Strategic Awareness, we are offering this group coaching programme to support you as you navigate your next career move. If you are contemplating what’s next for you and your career, this programme will enable you to visualise what’s next, give you the confidence to go for it and make a plan to get there.

    It comprises four half-day group workshops, one a month, culminating in session three with a personal presentation to the group of your career VISTA. The group offers support and feedback. Session four is a follow-up session two months later to ensure momentum is maintained.

    This programme may be run as an open programme, within a company or in conjunction with a professional services body. It is often run within an organisation as part of a Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

    Individual Programme: Individual coaching is available for those who would rather explore their next career choices in a more private context.

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  • Leadership Labs

    Leadership Labs

    Our new virtual ‘Leadership in Complex Times’ lab will run in 2021. The purpose of this programme is to provide a space for participants to bring real challenges and opportunities and reimagine what’s next for them, their team or their organisation, leveraging the wisdom of the group.

    Conversations are stimulated through materials such as movies and readings, all with the purpose of provoking reflection on our approach to leadership. We curate the materials whilst the learning emerges from the conversations (1-1 and group). The programme will include two 1-1 coaching sessions, 5 podcasts and 5 virtual group workshops.

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    Testimonials relating to 2019/2020 leadership programme – ‘Leading with Agility’ (LwA) – a pre-Covid iteration of ‘Leading in Complex Times’:

    ‘This programme is so relevant for leaders for the complex times we now live in. The concepts, material and the toolkit provided, challenged me to reflect on my purpose and presence as a leader. In fact during the programme we all had to adapt and be agile, facing new challenges which made the topics even more relevant. The programme presented in a virtual world (Zoom room) with support through podcasts made the learning experience all the more enriching and enjoyable’.

    ‘The ‘Leading with Agility’ programme provided me with an opportunity for professional and personal growth and time to step back and reflect on my purpose as a leader. Engaging with peers from different industries, I gained valuable insights and perspectives which have enhanced the leadership skills I can bring to my role particularly around leading change in my organisation. The programme while intended to be a 9-month face-to-face engagement, was completed virtually (as a result of the pandemic in 2020) and the quality of online engagement was testament to the resilience and creativity of the course leader, contributors and participants. I am already putting aspects of what I have learned into practice and have a new network to support me in my leadership journey.’