Podcast 1 – The Art of Fearless Conversation

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Podcasts


Welcome to Podcast 1 of ‘The Art of Fearless Conversation’, where I am in conversation with my partner for the series, Dr. Geoff Pelham.

I am excited to say that this is the first episode in a five-part series, where we will explore what we mean by ‘Fearless Conversations’ and why they are important for individual and team performance.

Future episodes will consider:

– How power can impact (positively and negatively) on our ability to have ‘Fearless Conversations’

– Diversity and Inclusion and Psychological Safety (an enabler of Fearless Conversations)

– How to measure Psychological Safety

– How to cultivate Psychological Safety to maximise team performance.

We feel passionately about this topic and we would love to hear your thoughts as you listen to these podcasts – feel free to email us your questions and comments and we would be delighted to address these thoughts in later podcasts.

If you have any general queries, please feel free also to get in touch.

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